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If you want a great set of photographs of your family taken by me, then booking a portrait session is definitely the way to go.

But if you’d like to learn more about taking better children’s photographs yourself, then maybe a one-to-one workshop is for you.

I started offering them because parents would often be asking me for advice or tips during a regular shoot, and I realized that giving people some solid pointers to improve their own pictures would be a great way to get more good photographs in the world.

I don’t believe there’s some magic that only pro photographers can conjure to create good images, and I’m keen to share what I’ve learned.

What we cover

Because the session is designed for you alone we can tailor it to make sure it matches what you’re looking for, but normally we cover:

  • reviewing some of the photos you’ve already taken to get a base level and establish what sort of help you’re looking for (this works best if you send me the photos in advance, and we can have a chat beforehand too)
  • overview of some essential tips and approaches
  • shooting some images – using your current camera and some of mine (you’ll need one or more children willing to help out with this). I’ll offer a running commentary on what I’m doing and why, and some advice to you as you’re shooting
  • reviewing of all the photos we’ve taken exploring which ones worked (and why) and which didn’t (at this point we can spend more or less time doing some processing work (in Aperture or Lightroom, or something else), depending on your needs).

Some of the tips and advice will be technical and/or specific to your camera, but we also look at what makes a good photograph in general – watching the light, the background, the subject’s expression, the composition. These are things that will help you whatever your camera or comfort level with its more advanced settings.

Most of the time we meet at your house, so we can also scout the area for good spots for different sort of photographs.


The fee for this customized workshop is $125 for  2-3 hours.

I will be taking some photos, but because this isn’t a portrait session and I’m mainly thinking about what you’re photographing, I don’t usually  make my images from the day available for print or digital sales.

Drop me a line if you’d like to talk about scheduling a workshop. They make a great gift for a photo-enthusiast parent.