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How it works

mg-00841.jpgIf you’re interested in scheduling a photo portrait session with your child or baby, drop me an email ( with an enquiry and some dates you have in mind, and we can take it from there.

I’ll normally schedule a pre-shoot consultation (in person or over the phone) to talk through what you’d like and wouldn’t like, and make sure we’ve got the practicalities squared away. One of the things to have in mind is what you’d like to do with the images that we produce, and whether you’d prefer colour, black and white. or both. Knowing these type of things helps me make sure I get exactly the type of photographs we’ll  need.

I’ll also ask about your child or children – the more I know about their personality and likes and dislikes, the better I can connect with them on the day of the session, and the better the final images will be.

I’m based in Santa Fe, but can travel to north and central New Mexico (including Albuquerque) with no bother. And I’m in Los Angeles more than a little, so a shoot there is also a possibility.

Shoot day

When we’re all clear on the details,  I’ll arrive at the shoot with my bag of tricks and we’ll take some photos. The session can take 1 – 2 hours, and you’ll be fully involved in the shoot – doing everything keeping your little one amused (if my droll banter isn’t working) to helping me out by holding a reflector to project some nice light into the children’s faces.

Reviewing the images

Back at the office, I’ll pick the best shots, and process and adjust each one individually. Unlike a point and shoot camera that doesn’t really allow much room for improving the image it captures, high-end digital SLRs such as the one I use allow for a wide range of processing, adjustment and tweaking – white balance, exposure, contrast, sharpness can all be manipulated to produce a better final image.

This can be a time-consuming process, but it brings out the best in the images and is part of my commitment to making sure you get results that really make you happy.

Around two weeks after the shoot, I’ll put up an online slideshow containing at least 30 of these images, and we’ll schedule a time for us to meet to review the images. You’ll tell me which are your favourites, and we’ll work out the best way to present your choices. For some clients, that’s a high-quality custom coffee-table style bound book, while others are looking for a framed set of prints. Some clients choose a gallery wrap canvas, while others prefer a disk containing all the digital files.

My clients find this meeting a great way to make the most of the photographs that we’ve all worked on. I’ll then get to work on any custom album design required, and then place the orders with the pro lab I use to ensure the best quality prints and books.