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This is the photography blog for photographer and writer David Moore. He's based in Santa Fe, New Mexico but speaks with a funny accent.


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    March 3rd, 2011

    New Etsy store for my fine art work

    I normally keep the website and Facebook page for Clearing the Vision focused on children’s photography – my own, and how you can improve yours.

    But I thought I’d just alert you to my new store on Etsy, where I’m selling some of my other type of work – more personal fine art work.

    I’ve been fascinated by clean bold colors and patterns in my photography for a long time, and the work in my store shows a lot of that.

    There are also a couple of more traditional landscapes, although most of the time I’ve no idea what I’m doing when trying to create a landscape.

    The images are priced at $30 for 8 x 12 size, but I’m happy to take custom orders for different sizes or different paper types (I normally print on professional E-surface paper, but most of these look good on metallic papers, too).

    So take a look around, and spread the word if you think you know someone who might like this sort of work.

    > Here’s another link to the store.

    Thanks very much.


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