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This is the photography blog for photographer and writer David Moore. He's based in Santa Fe, New Mexico but speaks with a funny accent.


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    October 6th, 2010

    The drive for more good photos in the world

    Young knitter at work

    As you may know, in addition to my family and children’s photography work, I’m also a web designer. Juggling this combination has been tricky at times, and it’s felt like I’ve not given the photography side of the business the attention it’s deserved.

    So after a particularly busy year of web work that’s left me tired and not very happy, I’ve decided that it’s time to commit myself and my time more fully to the photography.

    Simply put, my aim is that there should be more good family and children’s portraits in the world. And here’s how I think I can help, in my small way:

    1. Hiring me for a portrait session – if you’re in or around Santa Fe or Albuquerque (or would like to cover my travel expenses to wherever you are), I’ll come to you for a portrait session. This is the core of what I do and I love it.
    2. Hiring me for a workshop – again, if you’re local and if you’re interested in improving ¬†your own photography skills (especially shooting your own children), this is a great way to move from snaps to photographs you can be proud of.
    3. Reading the blog and getting involved – I’m going to be ramping up the useful tips and techniques aimed at parents who aren’t in the vicinity who want some solid advice. And so it’s not me talking all the time, I’d love your comments, questions and suggestions as we build this resource.

    There’ll be other things happening too, including a new look and structure for the website – but that’s the overall plan.

    As I carry out this shift, I’ll also be blogging about the move from being less than happily self-employed to what I hope will be a more considered and self-fulfilled way of doing things. You can follow my progress (complete with lots of my photographs) over at When If Not Now.


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