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    August 29th, 2009

    Liking the look of

    I’ve just signed up for, having been a very satisfied customer of their prosumer printing service.

    I’m impressed so far. They offer a ood range of products (including prints on fine art paper, and some funky looking acrylic prints).

    Their site seems to be set up so that you can direct clients there to see all the product and print options, but without showing the prices. That way, if you’re adding markup (which you should be as a pro shooter), your clients won’t see that, but they can make informed choices about what they’d like.

    Mpixpro also provide white-label PDFs which describe the different product types. If you put them on your own site, it would give clients lots of useful information without getting the in way of your own branding and service. Nice.

    The calibration prints are on the way, but if they’re as spot-on as my previous mpix jobs have been, I think I might have found my new printing home, after much shopping around. Turns out it’s the big brother of the place I already loved.


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